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10th March Invitation round has been plagued by “Pseudo-invites”

Immi Smart > Blogs > Immi Smart > 10th March Invitation round has been plagued by “Pseudo-invites”

Forecast: Accountants with 80 points, ICT with 75 points – start planning something else!
Only 1490 invites as expected. As discussed by our experts last month, you cannot expect much around months leading to end of financial year.
It looked like there were only 1200 odd invites, however, our judgement couldn’t be wrong if you consider wasted invitations in common occupations amongstICT professionals, General Accountants, Taxation Accountants and External Auditors. We call it pseudo-invites.
Such ill-managed arrangements are creating more room for candidates to play around. However, it backfires the overall invitation number. You may not be glad by looking at the below report on invitation round which was recently released on DHA website:

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