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 Immi Smart is one-stop-shop for specialized international solutions. With a bouquet of comprehensive and integrated services that bridge the gap between dream and reality. We at Immi Smart providing you one stop solution for immigration and visa procedures for countries like Australia & Canada. Our dedicated team of experts is here to guide every client as per their requirements. Whether you want to fly off to a cool vacation or aspire to get a job abroad or want to settle down for good, we at Immi Smart are there to provide you all the consultation and guidance that you require with regards to immigration and visa formalities from student visa to Permanent Residency Visa.


Kunal Patil – A Passionate Education and Immigration Expert Working for You!

Kunal is a registered migration agent based in Melbourne, Australia. He thrives on serving his clients effectively, and as a matter of principle, he stays apprised of all the latest changes and updates in Australian immigration law, knowing that his understanding of the immigration law can make all the difference from one case to another. He has a reputation for picking up on details and for poring over research into every case that he practices, guaranteeing work that is free of costly, unacceptable mistakes. Surrounding himself with highly qualified professionals, he offers unbeatable expertise and experience in the field of Australian migration law.

He is a professional through and through. With regards to document and information handling, he and his team adhere strictly to all confidentiality and privacy laws, protecting his clients’ well-being vigorously. In most cases, he offers first consultations free of charge and free of obligations.

Kunal has worked in Australian migration law for more than five years, and encouraged by his clients’ positive feedback, he has established his own practice, Immi Smart Pty Ltd. He earned his Master of Professional Accounting and Master of Commerce from Deakin University, graduating in 2014; in addition he pursued Graduate Certificate in Australia Immigration Law and Practice from Victoria University (2016).

Kunal Patil

Registered Migration Agent in Australia (MARN 1792225)

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