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Partner Visa

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Partner Visa

Canada is the right county to settle with family and enjoy the high living standards and quality life. The family sponsored visas are the key highlight of the Canada Immigration program.

Who can be a sponsor?

  • Spouse

  • Common law partner

  • Conjugal Partner or Dependent Children

Eligibility criteria to be a sponsor

  • Age 18 years or above.

  • A permanent resident or Citizen of Canada.

  • Able to demonstrate that you are not getting any social assistance(apart from disability if any).

  • Able to demonstrate that you can provide basic needs to be sponsored person i.e. your spouses or partner.

  • If you are residing in Quebec province of Canada ,you need to fulfil Quebec’s conditions for sponsorship

If you need any support to apply for a spouse visa in Canada, you may contact the highly experienced Immigration Expert at Immi Smart on Email id info@immismart.in

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