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Education & Student Visa

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Education & Student Visa

Students who wish to go abroad have many choices, these days. But many of them end up taking courses that are not suitable for them or end up in institutions that are not worth going to. Reason? Lack of proper guidance!

Immi Smart, a young company run by expert professionals, is committed to give you impartial advice on your higher education & career and help secure your future.

Student visa allows you to live and study during your stay in Australia. Student visa also permits you and your dependents to work for up to 40 hours per fortnight once you commence your study. When it comes to making a decision on university and courses, our competent counselors will help you to choose the best University or Institute which suits your requirements and budget. We make sure that you chose a right course so that you don’t have to rethink in future to achieve your goals.

We’re expert at documentation process. We make sure that all your paperwork is filled precisely and accurately. We understand that this could be a mundane job for most of the students. Hence, we keep you boosted and we ensure that you understand the correct ways to gather documents.

Students are required to achieve minimum English requirements set for the admissions by the colleges and Universities. Most of the Australian Universities do accept IELTS (A), PTE (A), TOEFL (iBT) etc.

When your application is approved by the College or University. We are all set to lodge a Student visa for you. We have several years of experience in lodging student visas. We keep our office up-to-date with the changes in requirements and immigration regulations.

Once your visa is granted. That’s not the end of our job. We will give you guidance with pre-departure essentials and prepare yourselves for the dream journey.

We’re not finished yet. Our headquarters in Melbourne is always happy to help you with all your queries without any hesitation. You may join local sports clubs, volunteer in events or indulge in a new multicultural society to make most out of your journey.

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